“During a particularly stressful time both personally & for the entire community with Covid19 I had the good fortune of discovering Breathwork with Ronan O Brien. This hour each week is the time where I feel like I can leave the weight of my worries behind & in the end, everything seems less heavy, my worries feel like they have shrunk down during the hour & I am far more balanced & feel less drained. Stress can be such a consuming thing & I can say hand on heart that Ronan’s class lessens that overwhelming feeling immensely. Ronan guides us through the class perfectly, there is a real sense of “connection” & peace. His work has also done wonders for my sleep which had been very poor & I was really feeling it & looked wrecked.

I also recently attended a ceremony with Ronan & it was the most wonderfully unburdening experience, it is one of these things that’s hard to quantify in words but I highly recommend it. Ronan is exceptionally knowledgeable regarding what he does but he is also very intuitive & insightful & his non-judgemental, trustworthy demeanour will instantly put you at ease, you will know you are in good and competent hands. Anyone who decides to attend a Breathwork class or a retreat will undoubtedly reap huge benefits both physically & mentally. I am very grateful to Ronan for being extraordinarily helpful to me during a very challenging time in my life & I cannot thank him enough for his time, patience, knowledge & the difference his work has made to me.

Many, many thanks.”

Ita Mathews – Co. Limerick

“Breathwork with Ronan O’Brien of Breathwave Ireland both via Zoom & in-person has opened up a whole dimension of healing & movement through my body that I never imagined possible. It’s a very natural awakening of your senses but also a very cathartic experience should you wish to adopt an intention. I cannot commend or recommend the work enough. It has brought balance and grounding for me in areas such a home, family & work from its huge benefits for the body & mind. As a facilitator of the breathing work; Ronan brings a highly professional, experienced & educated strength to you the client & thus the healing is reflected at that level.”

Jacintha Collins  – Co. Mayo

“I have recently joined Ronan’s breathwork class. This type of breathwork was new to me, so I really didn’t know what to expect. Ronan uses a great combination of sounds (music and drumbeat) and powerful visualisations during the breathwork exercise. This proves to be an excellent method of quieting down the mind and allows for deeper connections to oneself and a clearer view of life. By the end of the session, I am feeling wonderful, completely relaxed, and at ease.

I would definitely recommend Ronan’s breathwork class, as it has the ability to create a gateway to view life in a positive, purposeful way.

Thank you, Ronan.”

Fiona Harney – Co. Clare

“I always had an interest in health and wellness which led me to a natural curiosity about the breath. After coming across Ronan’s work, I attended a retreat and have continued the practice with the Wednesday Zoom calls. Ronan certainly makes people feel at ease and is very attentive to the individual’s needs. So why do I keep practicing Breathwave.. besides all the benefits you can have from a deep relaxed breath the truth is it makes me feel amazing. I am more focused, ideas and thoughts are easier to process. Having held tension in my body for a significant number of years, this practice literally sees the tension melt away. I had attended several therapists for a pain in my forearm which severely inhibiting my physical training. From having the regular practice on Zoom I attribute this to being pain-free.”

Kevin Corcoran – Co. Cork