What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a generic name used to cover various breathing modalities. They all use different techniques but share many of the same principles. Each modality has its own particular approach when guiding people to the best connection to their breath. Ronan uses several therapeutic principles depending on the individual or group he is working with.

Breathwave is used in a meditative setting whereby people are guided through a process of relaxing and allowing their mind to be still whilst focusing on their breathing, which brings many benefits including anxiety management, detoxification, nervous system repair, and sometimes trauma release. Through a Breathwave practice, the breath is accessed as the vehicle to achieve deeper insight and clarity to one’s own questions, while supporting the letting go of stuck residual emotional patterns and energies.


Buteyko is the clinical approach to breath-coaching where, after an individual or small group consultation and assessment, the client is given specific breathing exercises to enhance their lung function and awareness. Clients often seek this program if suffering from shortness of breath or conditions like asthma, COPD, respiratory difficulties, sleep disorders, anxiety, and panic attacks.


Oxygen advantage is a breath coaching technique for part or full-time professional athletes. The focus of this technique is to maximize performance by improving oxygen delivery, reducing breathlessness, improving sleep and recovery cycles, and stimulation of anaerobic glycolysis.